Care Instructions

We recommend washing your Classic Turkish Murkish™ styles a few times before use, to break them in, as they become softer and more absorbent with each wash. A cold or warm gentle wash and line dry is recommended. Some styles arrive pre-washed, like our premium towel collections, throws & blankets.

As the Turkish cotton is in its pure form for some styles, there may be minor shrinkage.

As our towels are loom woven, a pulled loop will not unravel the towel.  Please don’t pull loose threads. Simply snip off the pulled loop carefully with scissors and gently massage the surrounding sections of thread to appear as new. Due to the weaving process the product will remain intact and should leave no holes.

Wash in cold or warm water at a max. of 30°C, with like items and avoid washing with surfaces which may grab and pull the towels weave e.g. buckles, clasps or velcro on other items.

We recommend washing loose woven styles in laundry bags if you have them. Line dry is recommended

The hand knotted tassels may unravel from time to time. Make two cotton sections and twist them separately until they spiral together as one and tie a knot. Or leave them free and enjoy the rustic, used often look!

Spot treat stains with gentle laundry detergent. Do not use bleach, harsh chemicals or fabric softener, as it may damage the natural cotton yarns, making the towel less absorbent and soft.

To maximize the absorbency of a towel, add a half cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle once in a while, to restore the towels to full absorbency. The vinegar helps to remove any excess detergent which may build up after successive washes and can sometimes affect the towels’ absorbency.

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