About Us


Turkish Murkish is a new company with new ideas about an old product from an old tradition. It is about Towels. Turkish towels. They are not so well known in this country. But that is changing.

Here is why.

Turkish Towels are made from Turkish cotton. Hand-loomed, untreated Turkish cotton from the ancient town of Buldan in the valleys of the inner Aegean region of south western Turkey. Ottoman records dating back to the 1600’s referred to the towns pre-eminence in the textile trade. This expertise continues today and our products are the work of the descendants of these original artisans.

Turkish cotton is almost absorbent as Egyptian Cotton. But too much absorption make for slow drying. Our Turkish Towels soak up the moisture but dry out quickly. That is where Turkish cotton comes into its own.

We specialise in exclusive hand-loomed and machine woven Turkish Towels, blankets, throws and beachwear.

Our range includes blends of 100% Buldan cotton, and blends of cotton with linen and bamboo.

We pride ourselves on our regional and original traditions. Our collection is comprised only of products grown, designed and woven in Turkey.