About Us


Turkish Murkish is an Australian business with modern ideas about timeless products.

Our products are crafted by Turkish artisans who uphold proud traditions and possess incredible skills. Their variety of looming techniques, colour and pattern work have developed with experience over time, handed down from generation to generation. 

Pure Turkish cotton and traditional textile looming combine to create our beautiful Turkish towels, blankets, accessories and beachwear.

Turkey has a rich and fascinating history of cotton textile production and export. It spans from the Asian regions of the ottoman empire of the 1600’s, supporting the advancement of civilization across continents, through to modern-day textile producing Turkey – as we know it today.

Turkey, its history, colourful people and culture are truly intoxicating. From passionately held traditions to their celebration of daily life, Turkey is a place to spend time, relax and enjoy. Traveling from traditional old town centres to modern coastal resorts along the Aegean Coastline, a Turkish textile is never far from your side as a towel, scarf, wrap, blanket or sash bag.

Hammams (a type of Turkish spa) are a traditional oasis created to bathe and deeply cleanse the body and mind. They are still present across this unique country. The true art and tradition of bathing can be found in Hammam origins and fast drying pure Turkish cotton is a perfect match for these humid environments. The absorbing, lightweight and versatile Turkish cotton towel has stood the test of time in both design and craftsmanship.

Our range of Turkish Buldan cotton towels are uniquely handloomed or machine loomed by skilled artisans to produce a high quality and – a different kind of towel.

Versatile, quality textiles and sustainable travel accessories were essential for me as I explored coastal Australia and the much wider world beyond our borders. From backpacking in my youth to living it up at boutique hotels & resorts, these special artisan crafted Turkish cotton textiles have always been a faithful companion.

It’s important for me to love my products and understand exactly how they impact the daily lives of our customers, so I truly hope you love your Turkish Murkish product as much as I do!

With love, Helen xo

TURKISH MURKISH – A different kind of towel