Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Classic Turkish Towels so stiff?

  • The cotton used in the loom is not treated with chemicals to make them softer and absorbent. The cotton is loomed raw.
  • To “break in” the towel and make them ready for use, we recommend twice washing in the machine or by hand and line dry.

How does Turkish cotton compare to Egyptian cotton?

  • Turkish cotton is premium cotton that has shorter fibres compared to Egyptian cotton.
  • Egyptian cotton has extra long, dense fine fibres making it an incredibly absorbent product, best suited to linens, apparel and bedding in which it draws moisture away from the body.
  • Maximum absorbency isn’t a good idea for towels, especially if you live in a humid climate. Towels made from Egyptian cotton have a tendency to stay wetter for longer, which lends to bacterial growth or a musty smell if not machine washed right away. Turkish cotton towels are very quick drying in comparison.
  • Turkish cotton towels provide a excellent balance of absorbency, softness, washing and drying efficiency – Perfect for busy households or the frequent traveller!

Is it a towel?

Yes! It’s a towel. Turkish towels have been used for centuries in Turkish bath houses. You can use Turkish towels at the beach, bath, for travel, gym, sauna. It can be also used as a baby blanket, throw, shawl, scarf, picnic blanket, table cloth, table or bed runner and more….the possibilities are endless!

Will it dry me?

  • Yes, it will. Turkish Cotton provides the perfect balance between absorbency and softness which makes it ideal for towels. When used in towels, Turkish cotton provides maximum absorbency and efficient drying. Turkish Murkish offers a wide range of styles and weave types suitable for beach or bath or both!
  • Towels made from Egyptian cotton have a tendency to stay wet longer, which tends to make them develop mildew or a musty smell if not washed right away.

Which is better? Machine woven or Hand loomed?

  • It is all matter of preference, budget and availability.
  • Machine woven towels are typically more durable however it really comes back to the type of weave and yarns used.
  • Handloomed towels are special items which can still be durable. Appreciating the slow made nature, people tend to treat them with greater care appreciating the craftsmanship behind the item.
  • Loose weave towels are perfect as throws, scarves or baby blankets. They can be used for the home bathroom too, they need a bit more attention and the loose weave allows for easier loop catching. Simply snip any pulled loops and gently massage neighboring yarns into place.