A centuries old tradition become fashion with a new twist

The Pestemal Revolution

Welcome to my first entry on our Blog. It gives me such pleasure sharing this wonderful traditional towel with you and I hope it brings you delight and joy as much as it has for us.

Once you try our signature towels you may never go back to an ordinary terrycloth towel. Trust me, you will be hooked!

We love them so much, due to their extraordinary lightness and myriad of uses. To just name a few….

I use them as table cloths on my balcony and as a picnic rug at the park. I continue to get compliments and it just excites me to know people love these.

My friend uses it on her couch and her car for her pet dog! She loves that she can just pop into the washer and it dries very quickly.I have to admit my 2 cats have their own pestemals as well! Yes, they are very spoiled.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and clever ways in which you use your pestemal.

I hope to continue to delight your senses as we expand our range. Please feel free to drop me line.